From Fashion to Field

Farmer Sam and his grandson Harry spread two tonnes of shredded cotton on a paddock on their Cotton Farm before the next cotton-growing season.

One big advantage that cotton products have over their synthetic, fossil fuel-based counterparts is their natural fibres are generally harmless and can break down in soil.

They took part in a experiment burying 2cm-squares of cotton into moist soil and then incubating it at 20C for almost six months.

Lab tests suggested the shredded cotton increased the bacteria and fungus in the soils, had no impact on the germination of seeds and all but the tightest woven cotton pieces broke down significantly in 24 weeks!

 This could be a large-scale solution for unwanted 100% cotton textiles, instead of them heading to a landfill and producing methane, a damaging greenhouse gas.

At CottonCrab I think it is is important to buy what you need and would wear a lot,   buy good quality clothes that don’t go out of fashion and try to find another use for an item that you would normally throw away or take to the tip.

To read more from The Guardians article click here. Photo Credit: Cotton Australia. 

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