With the Black Friday event coming up soon, encouraging us everywhere we see to fall into over-consumption, I wanted share with you my three little tips that I have picked up since becoming more mindful when buying. Let me know in the comments below if yours and/or if you find any of these useful!


1. Have a little look at what you already have

This is important because it’s impossible to know what you need,  and more importantly, what you don’t need—if you don’t know what you already have. Plan some time (I know this can be difficult at the moment!) to look through your items in your wardrobe, shoe rack, draws etc. See what outfits you can make out of what you already have and organise your items into categories, for example the items you would reach for first.  At this point, write a list of things you don’t need and keep this on hand, for example on your phone. Anything you haven’t used in a while can be donated or sold.


2. Buy purposefully for the long-term

What do you find purposeful and meaningful? Make your buying decisions based on these and according to your priorities and values, try to find the longest-lasting, highest-quality version of that item. Not only will this save you the stress of having to fix or replace it as often, but you’ll save money in the long term too. These products may cost more than the “normal” ones as the materials and making of them are usually better. You can also look for the same items in charity shops or second hand too.


3. Choose sustainable products

 When you go shopping, choose products that have been responsibly sourced and produced without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, such as organic. Consider buying Fair Trade items, from food to clothing and read the labels. I find Good On You really useful and the Soil Association.


Thank for reading and here’s to Slo-ember!


Natalie & The CottonCrabs 




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