What is the Fair Wear Foundation?

 I will be sharing more about this on my next post.  As you may have read from My Commitments Section both the suppliers I use are members of the Fair Wear Foundation.
The Fair Wear Foundation know there is a better way to make clothes. They want to see a world where the garment industry supports workers in realising their rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment.
To do this, they focus on garment production, specifically sewing, cutting and trimming processes–the most labour intensive parts of the supply chain. They work with their member brands who are committed to finding a fairer way to make clothes, and they engage directly with factories, trade unions, Non Governmental Organisations and governments to find answers to problems others think are unsolvable. 
Their board is 50% business associations and 50% trade unions and NGOs. They engage these partners at every level, from boardroom decisions to factory audits and training, so that they can all make a greater impact together.
To gain real insight into their member brands’ performance, they conduct checks at three levels: at the brand level to see which current business practices and management decisions are likely to create problems down the line at the factory level and which are helping support better labour conditions; at the factories to inspect working conditions; and lastly, by hearing directly from the garment workers.
"Fair fashion is about fundamental rights"
This is the very reason I founded CottonCrab Clothing. I was very lucky to be furloughed from my employment, which meant I was able to continue to afford my home, food and essential bills. A large proportion of garment workers were not so lucky and were not paid wages due to them for work completed. I am a people person through and through and throughout my employment I have been very blessed with meeting people from all kinds of walks of life and visiting different cultures and countries. I am aware of how different it can be from one country to another with working conditions and regulations but the one thing I kept asking myself is that should not make a difference. Everybody in this day and age who is working in a legal job role should be paid a wage that can afford them to live and in conditions that are clean, comfortable with regulated working times and break times.
Did you know about the Fair Wear Foundation and their Member's? Let me know in the comments below. If not, what do you think?
*The above information is from The Fair Wear Foundation's website. Click here for more information on the amazing work they have been doing since 1999. You also follow the on Facebook/Instagram @fairwearfoundation 

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