The Circle Living Wage For Garment Workers Project


At CottonCrab I support The Circle, a non-profit organisation founded by singer-songwriter and activist Annie Lennox in 2008. The Circle is a unique organisation inspired by the notion that when women come together and organise, they can be a powerful force for change. They are a global network of women from all walks of life and all backgrounds who have something in common: the awareness that we still do not live in a world where women and girls have equal rights and equal opportunities. 

5% from all purchases will be donated The Circles Living Wage for Garment Workers Project.

The injustice and poverty pay that so many millions of garment workers suffer must end. Which is why The Circle have launched their new report, Fashion Focus: A Proposal for New EU Legislation on a Living Wage, Led by Jessica Simor QC and the Lawyer's Circle. This report sets out a legislative proposal aimed at removing the disincentive in the global labour market that means governments in garment producing countries don’t increase their statutory minimum wage levels, for fear of losing jobs to lower wage countries. You can read the report here and also watch a Short Documentary- FASHIONSCAPES A LIVING WAGE, presented by Circle Ambassador, Livia Firth and Directed by Andrew Morgan here


The Circle, alongside their Living Wage for Workers Project are proposing an ambitious new standard to secure fair and living wages in the global supply chain. 

The Circle believe, as do I at CottonCrab that Garment Workers should no longer be:

  • Denied their fundamental human rights;

  • Paid poverty wages that do not allow them to sustain a basic decent life but trap them in poverty;

  • Refused the fundamental rights to collective bargaining and freedom of association.

Garment workers should be:

  • Treated with dignity, fairness and respect by employers and by the companies who buy the clothes they make;

  • Listened to when contracts are cancelled and factories close;

  • Entitled to have their needs met during the recovery from the pandemic.

They commit to the following actions to create a fairer fashion world:

  • Lobby the institutions of the EU to enshrine garment workers’ right to a living wage in law;

  • Raise awareness and amplify the voices of garment workers so that consumers understand the issues and are empowered to take action;

  • Raise funds to provide emergency support to garment workers facing destitution;

  • Ensure that garment workers across the world have the right to a living wage, protection at work, and the freedom to have their voices heard through collective bargaining and freedom of association;

  • End the exploitation of garment workers by working in coalition with organisations fighting for a fairer fashion world, such as the Clean Clothes Campaign #PayYourWorkers.


You can further support The Circle even more in the amazing work they do by heading over to and taking a look at the other projects they support and become a member like me.

You can also follow them on @TheCircleNGO on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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